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At one time if you wanted a sexy body forming bathing suit like a bikini, thong
or g-string even tiny form fitting shorts you would need to have it custom made.
That would entail lots of money and time with fitting and running back and forth
to the shop until they got it right. Now with so many mens designer swimwear
brands you can order the suit of your dream a get it right away. My favorite
mens designer swimwear is by Koala.
Their designer Michael David is well known through out the swimwear world as
being the most inventive and extreme designer of mens swimwear. I love extreme,
form fitting and micro suits and Koala seems to have that market nailed. I never
thought I would be able to find mens designer swimwear that actually surpassed
the quality and style of the customs suits I was having made and at a fraction
of the cost. I have been buying designer mens swimwear from Koala for over 10
years and I am amazed every time they introduce a new collection. Some of their
designs are even to extreme for me but I have heard that a number of their
styles are in fashion museums through out Europe! Koala offers a line of mens
fetish designer swimwear that just blows me away. My girlfriend enjoys going
online and picking out new suits for me. Wonderful things happen when I model
them for her. You know one thing leads to another and another!
Koala has a full line of micro and ultra micro mens designer swimwear that is
beyond belief. Some of the designs are just made for smaller endowed men to show
off what they have and get the most amazing tan. Other designs make you look
even larger, that is the suits make your package look as large as possible.
Other suits like the Koala mens designer fem swimwear make you appear to be a
woman in the pouch area. I have so much fun wearing these designs at pool
parties and on vacation in Europe where fem suits are fairly common, they are
becoming more popular here and I have seen other men at beaches in Los Angeles
wearing fem style male to female transformation mens designer swimwear styles.

Finding Happiness with Mens Designer Swimwear

One of the greatest things you can ever purchase to make yourself feel better is spandex swimwear from These fascinating items allow you to enjoy your life in ways that you may have missed out on before. Of course, there are a lot of men that aren't exactly sure what kind of swimwear they should purchase for themselves. Those guys that have been wearing these items for a while will tell you to purchase the ones that really grab your attention the first time you look at them. Those are usually the ones you are going to want to start off with.

Not all men's swimwear is suitable for every man. In fact, there are some designs that a lot of guys are going to end up passing on by simply because they don’t think they can wear something of that nature without feeling uncomfortable in them. But once they actually give them a try, they will see just how exciting it can be to wear some of these more erotic styles and they will want to wear them a lot more often after that.

Mens designer swimwear from can become a bit addictive to guys that are looking to wear something a bit unique compared to what they normally wear. You see, this type of swimwear is not what is typically seen out in public, but garners a lot more attention in those private parties that everyone around you seems to be talking about all the time. While you may not have been invited to one of those parties just yet, wearing this type of swimwear is a great way of getting that first invitation to one of the most entertaining events of your lifetime.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that spandex designer swimwear has come a very long way from what was considered traditional just a few decades ago. Of course, those were the days of either surfing shorts or Speedos, and that time has sailed for most guys. Sure, some of those swimwear options are great for younger guys these days, but when you are looking for something a bit hotter and a tiny bit more elegant to wear, you are going to want to look at what has to offer you instead of heading down to the local discount store.

There are going to be times in your life when having the perfect swimwear is going to be the one thing that really shows people just what kind of a guy you are. This is the time when adventurous guys will be looking for something that will set them apart from others in the crowd, and your swimwear needs to be able to handle the excitement that you are looking for. It doesn’t matter what you are going to be doing as long as your swimwear can handle the pressures of being adored by all those around you.

No matter what is happening in your life right now, there are things that you can do to make things better. Even if everything seems to be going great as it is, purchasing new designer swimwear can make things even better than they currently are, and that is hard to do with today’s economy. You see knows that money is tight for everyone and that is why they are offering you some of their best designs for prices that you just can't find anywhere else online. Sometimes, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to look good in designer clothing options.

Now, there are a lot of rich men in the world looking for micro swimwear that they can impress and show off their bodies with, and they are willing to spend just about anything to get that kind of attention. The thing they don’t understand is that you don’t have to pay those kinds of prices that you may find in order to look great in your swimwear. You just have to be willing to spend more than 3 seconds online looking through to understand why those high priced sites are becoming outdated quickly.

There are a lot of other sites online that offer Lycra designer swimwear, but they don’t come anywhere close to what can offer you. These other sites think that the most important thing to push is the price of their items. They feel that people recognize that the higher the price something is tells people that the quality is also high. The problem with this is that, most of the time, their quality is exceptionally lower than where it should be, and you are basically paying for something you could get a lot cheaper on other sites available.

If you really want to know what good quality is, then you need to head over to and browse through their mens designer bikinis selections. Not only are you getting some of the best quality materials and designs available, but you are getting them at a reasonable price and that is one of the most important reasons to wear their items. Of course, the other reason to wear their items is the fact that you aren't going to find anything on their website that you won't be comfortable wearing, even if it is just around your house for a few hours.

You shouldn’t have to feel that wearing mens designer thongs is something that you have to do out in public for everyone to see, either. You have the right to wear your swimwear the way that makes you feel comfortable and, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them out in public, then you don’t need to. That is the beauty with designer swimwear like this; you can literally wear them anywhere by putting them on under your clothing. Now, there is no reason for you to feel uncomfortable in the clothes you are wearing even to the office.

You might be surprised at just how many men are currently wearing men's swimwear under their work clothes this very second. Just take a look around you when you go out into public and try to guess how many guys are wearing something a bit more erotic than you would actually think they would wear. This is a fun little game that you can play by yourself or with your partner to see if you can pick out the guys that are wearing erotic swimwear, and which designs you think they are wearing. Think of it as the License Plate game of erotic swimwear.

Not only are there a lot of guys in the world that are wearing erotic designer swimwear, but there are a lot of professional business men that are wearing them while they are going to their power lunches and office meetings. Now, this could explain why they are so successful, to a point. The comfort they are feeling while they are wearing their swimwear is allowing them to get rid of the stress in their lives much easier or they just know how to accept who they are and live their lives the way they want to.

You have to understand that the only way you are going to be truly happy in life is by allowing yourself the opportunity to live the life you want to live. Now, that could include wearing designer swimwear or not. That is completely up to you, but if it does include wearing things like that, then you have to get out there and actually do it. You can't just sit there in your home and wish you could be doing something that most people wouldn’t understand. If it makes you happy to wear erotic swimwear, then you need to let yourself do it so that you can experience that happiness from time to time.

You see all kinds of people the world over that have allowed themselves to enjoy their lives. Sure some of them are probably wearing mens designer swimwear of one kind or another, but that isn't the point. The point is they are happy because they chose to let themselves be happy. They allow themselves to go out there and experience the things they are curious about and try those things they really want to try without talking themselves out of it. They are successful because they want to be successful.

If you are just sitting around telling yourself you can't do something because you might fail, then you have already failed. If wearing mens designer swimwear will give you the chance to try something new, then do it. You may not look as hot as the models on, but at least you gave it a shot to see what it would be like to wear something of this nature. You can't fail if you at least try, but you always fail if you won't even give yourself the chance to try something different once in a awhile.

How many times have you wanted to give something a try but you thought other people would look at you funny? Now, think about all the other times you wanted to try something different, like wearing micro swimwear, but no one knew you were going to try it, so they couldn’t say anything about it to you. You went ahead and tried it, and you either highly enjoyed the experience or you hated every second of it. But you at least tried, and that is the most important thing about it. You didn’t let something hold you back and that means you won.

If you really want to try something different in your life, then you should try picking out some hot swimwear from Sure, you could go out and take race car lessons or swim in a big cage with the sharks, but, really, how much fun can something like that actually be when you consider that one false move and you might not make it out alive? Do you know how many people have been seriously injured or died from trying on some erotic designer swimwear? That’s right; not a single person has ever been injured, unless it was from second glancing at their sexy body in the mirror and twisting their neck a bit too much.

Sometimes you just have to get out there and see what life has to offer you, and wearing things like spandex swimwear can be a great way of getting that started in your life. There are times when you just need to have some fun in your life and not give a damn about what anyone else has to say about it. They don’t control your life. Only you control your life, and that is something you really need to remember.

Having fun in your life is one of those things that is hard to come by these days. Sure, you can have a drink after work with your friends and enjoy the time spent with them, but when was the last time that you actually had fun? We are talking about the kind of fun you used to have when you were a kid and would completely forget about time, food, water, and life itself while you were in that special moment of time. That’s what wearing mens designer swimwear can give to you, if you just allow yourself to accept it.

This doesn’t mean that you are going to put on your swimwear and completely forget about everything important in your life or anything. You have to make a distinction between fantasy and reality at some point, but you are going to find that things look more entertaining to you when you are wearing items like bikini swimwear, and that is something that a lot of things out there just can't do for you anymore. Think back when you were a child and how much pleasure you could get out of a stick and a pile of dirt in the yard. That is the fun you are looking for as an adult.

If you could go back in time and find that youthful exuberance again, you would find that it is almost impossible for a grown man to live that life. But if you found out that you could wear men's g-string swimwear and have the same amount of fun that you used to have with that stick and pile of dirt in your backyard, would you pass it up or rush off to and purchase something that you wanted to wear?

Think of all the ways that you can have fun these days, and then imagine what it would be like to do all those things wearing some of the hottest swimwear on the market. Just wearing these items can jump that excitement and fun level up to the highest possible point, and that is exactly what you are expecting them to do for you. You just have to get over any preconceived notions about what other people may think and go for it. It doesn’t matter if they like the way you look in them or not because you are the one wearing them.

Your opinion of yourself is the only thing that matters these days and that should be the only thing you should be considering when you purchase your mens designer swimsuits from Don’t worry about what other people may or may not be thinking about the clothing designs you are wearing. Granted, you probably want to pay attention to anything that might get you in trouble, like wearing some of the more erotic items out on a public beach where there are children, but don’t let it stop you from wearing them at private parties or in your own home.

You could have one of the most interesting lives the world has ever seen if you could just allow yourself one indulgence. That doesn’t mean you need to run out and purchase an expensive car that you can't really afford, but it does mean that you could treat yourself to something like mens designer swimsuits once in a while. You just have to make sure that it's something that you want to do, and know for a fact that you are not doing it just because someone else is. Living your life to please others may be a nice thing, but at some point in time you are going to have to please yourself.

There is nothing wrong with having some fun on your own once in a while, and you need to understand that by doing so you aren't doing anything wrong. Just because you enjoy wearing swimwear doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you. There are lots of people out there that do things they get a lot of enjoyment from, but most other people would think they have lost their minds. You need to be one of those people and put all the negativity behind you.

Just because some people may not understand why you are wearing micro swimwear from doesn’t mean that you are doing anything wrong by wearing them. Those people just don’t understand the amount of comfort and excitement you can get from showing off your body. They are also the ones that have limited experiences in their lives and spend more time telling people what they can't do rather than going out and living their own lives for themselves. If that all sounds interesting to you, then keep living the life you are living now and see just how boring you can become when you get older.

If you would rather go out of this life with a bang and no regrets, then pick out some hot and sexy spandex swimwear and start enjoying your life a little bit more. You have the opportunity to enjoy those things in life that other people wouldn’t think twice about, and that is something that is very important in this day and age. There are so many things going on in life these days that being able to find one small ounce of happiness can change everything that happens to you for the rest of your life, and you need that right now.

Just imagine what life would be like if there weren’t any thong swimwear options for you out there. How dull and boring life would be since everyone was wearing the same things all the time. You would probably be eating the same foods and watching the same movies as well. If everyone was the same, there would be no color or excitement in the world and we would all probably die at a very young age from shear boredom. Is that how you want to live your life right now?

Get up and find some spandex swimwear that will suit your needs and give you the fun that you actually deserve in this life. There is no reason to just sit there and accept things as they are without putting up some kind of a fight for yourself. You may not win in the big picture of things, but how you fight is going to be the one thing that sets you apart from everyone else on this planet, and that is something you can't ever let go of. If you want true happiness, then you have to let yourself change.

Men's micro swimwear can be one of the things that helps you find that happiness you have always wanted. These items from will allow you to live your life in a manner that makes you happy because of the comfort and excitement that they can give you. Some guys are more than happy to let their lives pass them by like clouds on a strong wind, but others will do whatever they can to grab hold of those clouds and ride that wind to something new and different. You just have to decide which type of guy you are and what you are willing to do to get that life you have always deserved to live, no matter what.   Mens swimwear   Male chastity


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We have a large collection of swimwear. Just like the women’s designer swimwear evolution, the men’s designer swimwear has undergone a lot of changes in the past years. The quality of the fabric, and the style has considerably improved.

Your men’s designer swimwear reflects your personality, tastes, preferences, hobbies and much more. We have just the right type of men’s designer swimwear for all your needs.

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